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AGAMIX was established in 2007 on the basis of many years of experience in European vegetable industry. Since the beginning of our business we have been purchasing and peeling onion. We offer products that are affordable and convenient for our potential clients.

We have our own selection of onions. Onions are only hand-peeled. This activity gives us the best results and quality. We respect the principles of introduced food safety and quality management systems in all the stages of the production process from harvest to sale.

We meet the expectations of any client, constantly watching how the market changes. We focus on our development and this leads to satisfactory results. We also cooperate with many processing companies in Poland and Europe.

  • 25%

    growth in sales

  • 90%

    satisfied clients

  • 100%


Agamix – Przedsiębiorstwo Przetwórczo-Handlowe
Agamix – Przedsiębiorstwo Przetwórczo-Handlowe
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    Agata Dziubałka
    Przedsiębiorstwo Przetwórczo-Handlowe
    Rydzyńska 24G,
    64-125 Poniec
    NIP (EU VAT) PL 697-200-99-77
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